The well that won’t run dry…

[Psalm. 51:7] Give me again the joy of your salvation and sustain me with your gracious spirit” 

[John. 4:13-14] Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life”

All who are thirsty –

The service at church today focused on Jesus – the living water, and the passage was the one above from John’s Gospel. This, for me, came at just the right time. With the thought of Mission Week officially kicking off tomorrow, with over 20 events spread across the week, as well as doing my usual things of lectures, and uni work, 2 days a week working with Chaplaincy, and the added thing of a choir festival in Birmingham, the question of how I am going to get through it all, and not be absolutely exhausted at the end of it has been playing on my mind. Church gave me the answer today, and though it is a typical Sunday School answer, it still rings true – it’s all about Jesus!

Jesus is our sustenance. The question that was asked this morning is ‘How thirsty are you?’ ‘How thirsty are you to receive this eternal, life-giving water?’

As Mission Week is approaching, and the theme being ‘What do you live for?’, another question comes to mind – ‘what is it that sustains you?’ I have been really tired recently, and with everything going on, it can become all to easy to not look after yourself properly. Running around like a headless chicken, wearing yourself, to the point where you always feel tired is not good!  Quite often, we try and get by on our own strength, with our own abilities… and it can become all to easy to replace Jesus with these things in our lives. However, all these things, whatever they may be are only temporary, and make us long for more. This water (and this life) that Jesus is offering to us, is eternal. In John’s Gospel, Jesus is saying that he is this living water, that he is the one, and the only one that can sustain us and lead us to eternal life! Isn’t that amazing?! We don’t need to go it alone, battling on in our own strength, because Jesus offers to be our aid along the way, leading us to the Father.

The question is: are we thirsty enough to ask Jesus for this life-giving water? Whether it is for the first time or the thousandth time, Jesus still offers us this water.

As we approach Mission Week, we need to ask Jesus to be our sustenance. We need to realise what this week is all about, turning our motives and shifting our intentions to pointing to Jesus, and taking the attention away from us! The whole week is about showing Jesus to our campus and sharing him with those who do not yet know him. If we make it about us, then we are bound to fail. It can become all to easy to worry about how many people are coming to our events, and whether fruit is being produced from them. But this isn’t the point. It should be about pointing the way to Jesus, proclaiming his gospel, demonstrating his love, and offering this life-giving water to those who do not yet have it!

Spring of Life –

Prayer: Lord Jesus, We come to you asking for that life-giving water that only you can offer. We ask for a fresh outpouring of your Spirit. We are sorry when we have sustained ourselves with other things that are not of you. We acknowledge that these are temporal things and once again turn to you. Creator, sustainer, redeemer, enter into our lives anew, granting to us the joy of your salvation, and filling us with that new and living water, from now, until forever. Amen